MediaCARE, our interactive patient software, equips medical staff with a robust set of tools that simplify and streamline nursing workflow. The feature allows the staff to be able to focus on timely delivery of patient information and needs. MediaCARE directly communicates with our devices which equips administrators and nursing staff to be able to manage easily, monitor, and control patient televisions like never before. MediaCARE offers hospitals an innovative, enterprise-level solution that helps address many of the significant challenges in healthcare today. cp-messaging-350x350


Being able to provide the best care during all hours of the day can be a hard demand to maintain. Patients can often become dissatisfied when they have to wait for staff to answer their questions or to address their concerns. One study found that 75% of patients who waited less than 10 minutes gave an excellent or good rating compared with 3% of patients who remained longer than 20 minutes. A tool that can be reliable, fast and automated to help the staff communicate to the patient is no longer a need but a necessity. Therefore, HCI employed Push Messaging. Read More... cp-survey-350x350


Patient satisfaction has become a focus for healthcare organizations across the country. Implementing patient surveys is a way to measure the quality of care, services provided, areas that need improvement and overall patient experience. All surveys can be fully customized to the facility’s needs and receive the feedback that fits their practice. Read More... cp-servicerequest-350x350


We help hospitals reduce service recovery times by making sure a clear line of communication is always kept open for patients, care providers, and service professionals. When patients use MediaCARE to request any service such as the need for an extra pillow, these requests are routed directly to the correct department. This customized app eliminates non-clinical tasks for the clinician, reduces the workload for the nursing staff, and speeds up the delivery of hospital services. Read More... portal-350x350 patient-education

Engaging Patients on their Healthcare Journey

MediaCARE offers patient-specific education easily accessed at any time through the in-room television. Selection is obtained from an extensive library of evidence-based, age-appropriate content assigned on admission, by physician orders and diagnoses code.  Our educational app is consistent with Joint Commission Standards and meets Meaningful Use objectives for patient education resources. Clinicians have full flexibility to make appropriate changes, adding or deleting videos for the patient to view. If a clinician determines that additional or different content should be delivered, the agility of MediaCARE makes this easy. The system is designed to monitor and track the exact viewing and understanding of the educational content. Once the education has been completed MediaCARE will automatically notate the patient’s medical record. rm-edu-350x350


Studies have shown that as many as 40% of patients over 65 had medication errors after leaving the hospital, and 18% of Medicare patients discharged from a hospital are readmitted within 30 days. To avoid these stats, a hospital needs to prepare the patient and caregivers from one level of care to another. HCI’s CarePlan is an educational playlist that is developed to address the specific care needed for each patient. These playlists are designed to support the transition of care. Each playlist is pre-populated with tailored patient education. Read More... rm-discharge-350x350


Studies support that patient outcomes will increase dramatically when there is a discharge plan in place. Along with improving the patient’s outcome once discharged, an effective strategy can help to decrease the chances of the patient being readmitted. HCI’s MediaCARE helps streamline the recovery process by ensuring the patient and caregivers receive educational content on specific health issues and details on medications they will be taking at home. Read More... rm-ex-350x350


HCI has developed an app that can do this and so much more. The patient can quickly identify drugs and medications, including pill identifying pictures Read More... patient-engagement


The patient television is an undervalued piece of this puzzle. Often restricted to bed, patients spend much of their time sleeping or watching television. Why not use the TV as a teaching device, marketing vehicle or source of entertainment? To stay ahead, facilities need to offer more than just cable TV. Integrating HCI’s latest product, MediaCARE, can help your facility do that and more. MediaCARE, built into the HUB, is our latest patient engagement solution. MediaCARE is a suite of purpose-built Android apps that provide patient education, care plans, movies, music, relaxation, etc. Through extensive research and real-world experience, we’ve built a solution that exceeds expectations. Running on the Android OS, MediaCARE allows each facility to craft a robust, custom, and flexible solution that meets its own ever-changing needs. rm-welcome-350x350


Welcome and banner videos help to keep the patients informed, aligned and enhance the total healthcare experience. By implementing this process, their stay starts with a healthy understanding and helps ensure that the patient is appropriately onboard. Read More... rm-wb-350x350


This communication tool helps to enhance the patient experience and align all involved parties on the patient’s care plan. This app serves a purpose for both the medical staff and the patient by increasing the workflow efficiency and improving the performance delivered to the patient. In return, you will see a positive change in your HCAHPS survey and provide continuous communication with the visitors and staff. Read More... rm-giftshop-350x350


Whether it’s selecting a book from the hospital gift shop, filling a prescription, or arranging for durable medical equipment, patients and their families can now enjoy the convenience of shopping from their room. Read More... rm-food-350x350


When patients place an order using their pillow speaker control, HCI’s interactive patient care technology seamlessly interfaces with existing systems used by the hospital’s dietary services department.  Streamlining this process gives the patient control and frees up caregivers. Caregivers are then able to focus solely on providing compassionate care. Read More... rm-pharmacy-350x350


According to Pharmacy Times, 30 percent of first-time prescriptions are abandoned by patients and thus not picked up at the pharmacy. Patients’ failure to fill the prescription or failure on being adequately educated of their medications can lead to an increase in readmissions. In return, this can affect your HCHAPS scores negatively.  To help resolve this issue before discharge a healthcare facility could implement Pharmacy Fulfillment. Read More... rm-rtls-350x350


For a visitor seeing their family member or friend in the hospital can be an emotional experience.  Tying systems to interoperate with one another to provide timely information to the patient and their families can significantly impact the patient and family’s experience positively. Read More... rm-wayfinding-350x350 WAYFINDING Navigating through a hospital can add extra stress or anxiety to a patient or caregivers. Wayfinding App allows caregivers, patients and visitors to access a map of the hospital to help quickly locate the department desired saving time and worry. Read More... entertainment


Patient entertainment was once considered a luxury is now an essential in today’s world. Time in the hospital passes more quickly for patients when they are entertained which in return helps increase patient satisfaction. That is why HCI’s MediaCARE takes entertainment seriously. Our solution offers the best level of entertainment with first-run movies, television shows on-demand, fun games, internet access, cable TV and more. The content that appears on the patient’s in-room TV comes with healthcare consumers expectations of quality, comfort and choice. rm-guide-350x350


Patient satisfaction can dramatically improve when you provide an interactive television guide that is like what they have at their home.  By utilizing our Interactive TV Guide, you can offer a home-like viewing experience for both the patient and visitor. This guide can be easily customized to the needs of your organization, your brand, and a particular patient. Read More... rm-directv-350x350


HCI’s solution can seamlessly integrate with the latest cable providers like DirecTV and Dish Network. With our hardware solutions, you can now access a wealth of entertainment, sports, and news from a pillow speaker or virtual onscreen remote. These cable alternatives eliminate the need for costly infrastructure and server boxes needed for other television systems. We will tap into your existing infrastructure eliminating the need for additional wires to the television. Read More... 1-home-1-711x400


Most healthcare facilities start engaging the patient the moment they enter their building, but to be truly patient-centric, the concern should begin when the patient leaves their home. While patient care is the primary concern, ensuring satisfaction in entertainment is significant. Most patients are restricted to stay in their bed and not leave the room. That allows the patient numerous hours where they must find some sort of entertainment. Patients want to have entertainment at their fingertips with the familiarity of home. Read More... rm-movie-350x350


HCI has partnered with the leading patient entertainment providers to help enhance the patient’s experience and entertain them throughout their stay. On MediaCARE, patients can enjoy new release movies up to six months before they’re available on cable. Our extensive entertainment options feature the latest box office hits from Hollywood’s major studios Read More... rm-games-350x350


From Sudoku to Fortune Trivia, MediaCARE gives patients an extensive selection of interactive games. Games provide a fun and engaging experience. Each game is easily controlled from the pillow speaker or wireless keyboard. Read More... rm-relax-350x350


Providing an environment that offers comforts and relaxation to a patient will help keep them satisfied during their stay.  Studies have shown that adding the extra feature of relaxation videos to their entertainment package become helpful in blocking out the noise and keeps them calmer during their stay. They enjoy a quieter, more soothing environment, which can enhance rest and sleep. Read More... rm-bible-350x350


Meeting patient’s spiritual needs are important. Some patients are unable to attend chapels and must remain in their beds. With HCI’s spiritual content you can still provide the service of a chapel at their bedside. The spiritual videos that are offered can help to put the patient at ease and provide comfort.