The Only Infection Control Healthcare Grade TV on the Market! All powered by Android with thousands of apps available to Educate and Entertain while increasing your HCAHPS Scores, Decreasing Readmissions and Non-Clinical Tasks!


Healthcare Information gives healthcare organizations the potential to uniquely improve the patient experience by creating scalable solutions that independently provides significant impact.  When hardware, software, systems and apps are layered together, this creates a powerful solution that:

·         Provides Patient Education
·         Provides Patient Entertainment
·         Provides Patient Connectivity
·         Helps Reduce Non Clinical Task Saturation for Nursing and Support Staff
·         Helps Improve Patient Satisfaction
·         Helps Improve HCAHPS by Providing Tools to Understand Dissatisfaction Before Discharge in order to Solve Problems and Improve Patient Care
·         Provides HL7 and EHR Integration for Recording and Measurement
·          Provides Equipment That Can Be Cleaned With Industrial Strength Cleanser to Help Lower Healthcare Acquired Conditions (HAC)


• Improve the Patient Experience • Improve HCAHPS Scores • Increase Staff Efficiency • Decrease Readmissions