Healthcare Facility Institute AIA/CES Class

The following describes the basis for the Lunch and Learn discussions, which is titled: “The difference between Managing and Dealing with a Healthcare Environment…OR…What Happens The Day After The Open House Of Your New Hospital.”
A recent “Evidence Based Design Validation” published by the Center for Health Design recommended that infection control (hand washing) devices be placed on an Equipment Rail. The Joint Commission has also pointed out 3 main topics in the publication “Guiding Principles for the development of the Hospital of the Future”:

We address each of these major topics and how emerging technology can support them in both design and clinical application.

We will discuss how to “Future-Proof” a facility from both a medical gas and technology perspective and by doing so, “Obsolete Obsolescence”. We will demonstrate how to reduce both construction costs and long-term maintenance and operating expenses.

We will also discuss the difference “managing” clinical environments and related technology versus just “dealing” with this space.

Paladin products reflect but a small component of our abilities. Paladin Healthcare will demonstrate clearly that new technology in Equipment Management and Medical Gas delivery can significantly impact the reduction of healthcare design and construction costs.

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