Equipment Management Rails, Accessories and Carts

The use of an Equipment Management Rail
in any patient care environment ensures continuity and flexibility for the life of that environment. It "FUTURE-PROOFS YOUR FACILITY". The use of the Equipment Rail also maintains the integrity and preserves the value of the wall system, panel or otherwise, through the life cycle of the environment.

Technology and various contracts for soaps, hand foam, sharps boxes and gloves containers etc. will no doubt change over short periods of time. Every time such an event takes place, it further compromises the wall system by requiring additional and different hole patterns from the previous devices. This now requires a maintenance cost to refinish or replace the wall system to meet its originally intended look.

The values of Paladin Healthcare are founded in the tradition and vision of Fairfield Medical Products Corporation, who defined the standard for equipment management forty years ago. As champions of next generation solutions, Paladin's Fairfield rail legacy continues with innovative products and accessories providing quality of life in clinical environments.

Paladin Healthcare, LLC; Healthcare products designed and manufactured in the United States, for the world.

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Fairfield Rail Cost of Ownership

Top 10 Benefits of Use

  1. Virtually eliminate the damages, expenses, and lost patient revenue caused by regularly changing traditionally wall mounted devices.
  2. Enhance clinical efficiency and patient centered care.
  3. Improve HCAHPS scores.
  4. Safely split and relocate medical gases without recertifying rooms for adaptable acuity use.
  5. Facilitate true terminal cleaning.
  6. Reduce cross contamination HAI’s.
  7. Par level inventory in clinical rooms.
  8. Clear floor space for reduced trip hazards and improved cleanliness.
  9. Simplify and enhance the speed of equipment installation for new construction.
  10. Manufactured in the USA. Aluminum with approximately 40% recycled content.