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Simple, Secure Medication DispensingFor Enhanced Efficiency and Safety in Meds Delivery

Lack of e­ffective medication management solutions often produces security workarounds, noncompliance and errors. CAREDirect addresses these problems by providing intuitive, efficient systems for secure medication management. We make medication dispensing more efficient, safe and compliant

Why CAREDirect?

Our meds dispensing cabinets not only provide a money-saving alternative to the traditional medication cart, but also offer:

  • Convenience
  • Security
  • Traceability
  • Control
  • Efficiency
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About Us
For nearly a quarter of a century, the founders of CAREDirect have provided comprehensive solutions to hundreds of hospitals and clinics throughout the United States, improving workplace efficiency, ergonomics and infection control. Their nationwide sales and service team employ industry expertise and a closed-loop circle of services to find the right solution for each facility and ensure lifelong support. Those services include consultation, site evaluation, clinical trials, installation, integration and maintenance.

Through this experience, specific problems in the healthcare workplace were identified that had no adequate solutions. CAREDirect was founded to develop innovative products that directly address these problems, thereby reducing staff burden and improving patient safety. CAREDirect’s products have been designed with clinician input to enhance patient care by making caregivers’ work easier.

Our goal is to help clinicians focus on the primary functions to which they are committed, namely caring for patients. Our products are proudly manufactured in the United States.


Medserve Medication Dispensing Cabinets
Securely Store Meds Where They’re Needed

Inefficiencies in medication dispensing produce staff workarounds, noncompliance and errors. Medseve® addresses these problems by securing medications near patient care areas. Network enabled to manage access and reporting, Medserve® makes medication delivery more efficient, safe and compliant.

  • Improves workflow and reduce trips to med room
  • Ensures meds are not misplaced, forgotten or diverted
  • Increases time for patient interaction and improve HCAHPS scores